IoT projects - Devices and Platforms / M2M


We truly understand that an IoT project requires much more than only communications, our clients and partners know why we have integrated all the elements needed to launch and IoT business:

1 Hardware – we accept OEM projects to manufacture IoT devices and develop the required apps for such devices.

2 Platform – any IoT project requires a cloud based server side to handle the devices, maps, integrations, etcetera. We can do it for you

3 The Web access with hierarchies’ layers will allow you and your clients to control your IoT deployment globally

4 Our strong BI capability is a Plug&Play engine that gives you the possibility to create and operate your own dashboards

SigFox connectivity and Altan mobile broadband in Mexico

SigFox is an alternative “Low Energy” and “Low Cost” connectivity technology for the Internet of Things. Is capable to realize two-way transmission of small quantities of data over long distances.



Altan Redes, is the telecommunications infrastructure sharing network offering the largest coverage, capacity and quality in wireless services in México. Has an Avant-garde 4G-LTE and 5G readiness network design and architecture for the highest quality and speed in voice and data.

With a maximum efficiency of the 700 MHz radio spectrum bandwidth will convert it into wireless access 92.2% of Mexico’s population, with better coverage, quality and pricing.


Neus Mobile has the advantage of selecting one or combining the connectivities of Traditional, SigFox and/or Altan, to provide our customers with the best integrated solution in communication services.

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