Introduction message from Neus Mobile

  1. Communication – 2G, 3G and 4G + SigFox + 700Mhz in Mexico

Neus Mobile is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) specialized in IoT projects and M2M communications services. To provide the right technology for each solution, we use traditional 2G, 3G and 4G services, SigFox connectivity and for the beginning of Q2 2018, the new 700MHz mobile broadband in Mexico.

  1. Procurement & Manufacture of specialized IoT devices

Neus Mobile provides also the capability to design, develop and manufacture specialized Telemetry sensors, Smartphones and Tablets for IoT projects that are being developed globally.

  1. Software development – Front & Back end services

Of course, the development of mobile apps is among our capabilities as well as the required back end platform services needed to operate an IoT business model.

  1. WEB Platform

Our full service is complemented with a WEB platform that allows users to view the location of their devices, real time tracking and interacting with them, getting information and communicating with each, case by case or massively.

  1. BI – Reports and Intelligence

In the end, we have integrated a powerful Business Intelligence engine that provides our users with different layers of reports and a full capacity to do data mining and analysis.

MVNO Mexico – Clients, partners & investors

Our MVNO in Mexico operates under the largest and extensive coverage network in the country.

Regardless of this important capability, we are striving to become the only company that will also provide the SigFox connectivity network and the new 700MHz mobile broadband network, fulfilling our vision of becoming the one stop window for all your IoT communication needs.

Mexico will see in the next 5 years an impressive boom in the Telecommunications sector, overcoming a technological gap of more than 7 years in comparison with USA, Europe and of course Asian countries.

Our important Asian partners are a great asset to guarantee access to technologies and capabilities much needed in Mexico, we are a formidable proposal for potential clients, new partners and investors.

If you feel curious about us, we certainly share the feeling, let’s talk


Value-added Telecommunication Services:

  1. Much better pricing and complete flexibility on the Data contracts and packages

  2. Optimal bandwidth utilization.

  3. Better understanding to our customers with an appropriate and efficient customer support service.

  4. Develop more compelling products, offers and bundles that better meet our customers’ needs.

  5. Ability to deliver a differentiated value proposition, tailor made solutions.

  6. Availability to select one or several communication technologies to offer our customer the best IoT data transmission solution.