Route It – Logistics Platform

“RouteIt” is our full IoT project, aiming to small and medium size organizations dealing with the pickup and delivery process anywhere in the world.

Our solution integrates:

1. Hardware: Rugged devices, like smart phones, tablets, payment terminal systems, etc.
Specially developed and designed to work with our applications, capacities and needs of our customers.

2. APP: A mobile app that allows receives the daily workload and manages the full process of pick-up and delivery of goods or services.

It has the ability to guide the user with voice command to the designed delivery schedule and allows you to capture visits, comments, images and sales through the application via the app.

3. A powerful back end cloud server platform that integrates dynamic territory planning and route design daily.

Multiple variables can be added to the optimization such as volume, weight, distance, delivery time and will be parameterized to generate the optimal route. The itinerary will be sent from the platform to each device-route on the field.

4. Our communication platform, specifically designed for M2M and optimized for logistic services, we are handling the back and forth flow of data coming from our server to thousands of rugged smartphones without losing a byte.
Our coverage network is the largest in the country.

5. Our WEB platform, depicts the results of real time auditing of the full fleet globally. Times and movements reports, by route, cedi, zone, region and country are generated automatically with reliable information.

6. And our powerful engine of business analytics, dashboards and real time reports that provide information regarding the whole operating process of the users.

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¡Descárgalo ahora!

Descarga y Configuración de APN NEUS Mobile

Descarga el APN de NEUS Mobile, sigue los pasos que se muestran a continuación y podrás utilizar el servicio de datos de NEUS Mobile.
Recuerda que es necesario contar con un equipo desbloqueado para que puedas disfrutar nuestro servicio.


Descarga el APN de NEUS Mobile utilizando Safari en tu iPhone, una vez descargado te pedirá que instales la configuración.


Ingresa tu código de seguridad para autorizar la instalación de la configuración del APN en tu equipo.


Después de ingresar tu código de seguridad, deberas dar click  una vez más en instalar. ¡Listo ahora podrás navegar con nuestro servicio de datos en tu iPhone!


Si en algún momento deseas eliminar el APN de NEUS mobile solo tienes que ingresar a Ajustes>General>Perfiles y seleccionar el perfil de NEUS Mobile, posteriormente solo da Click en “Eliminar Perfil”